Tips for Attending a Wedding Show!

Many things can be overwhelming when planning a wedding but it’s also supposed to be fun…right?

And what could be more fun than a wedding show with all different types of vendors for every aspect of your wedding that you may not have even known existed?

If you haven’t decided to elope yet, I have five tips to make attending a wedding show less stressful and even more enjoyable.

  1. Research vendors in advance. This will save time and you will know exactly whom you’d like to target. Plus, those vendors might send you to some of the other great spots at the show.
  2. Keep a notepad & take notes. After you taste about five different cakes- you might forget the flavor of the one you liked best. Write down your likes, dislikes, etc. so later you can remember later, once everything has settled down.
  3. Take photos! Many vendors offer tablescapes purely for inspiration- so be inspired! This will help you later when you can show other vendors what you are looking for.
  4. Jot down some questions. Make sure you have written down a few questions for different vendors. Trying to remember everything in the moment can be very overwhelming.
  5. Save the cards! Make sure you save the different business cards or handouts that you are given. They will be good references later on.

These are my tips…does anyone have any others for brides-to-be?