Top Wedding Dress Trends of 2019

Trying to satisfy the traditional look but want to stand out when you walk down the aisle? Still looking for the dress? These bold trends give you a fun, late-night option or the opportunity to be yourself on your wedding day. Keep reading to discover the top trends of 2019 and how you can make your wedding dress a one of a kind!

High Neck and Halter Dresses

Were the 90s All That Bad?

The halter style can make that extra statement that it is your day. You can make the dress as elaborate as you desire, and refine it with a bold halter neckline. This neckline can be adjusted to all different body types, and various dress silhouettes. With a sleeveless look, you can show off your glow, while still maintaining a conservative style. Your dress can be as versatile as you want. Go ahead, relive your 90s flare on your wedding day. You know you want to.

Wedding Dress by Theia

Off the Shoulder

Meghan Markle Models Her Royal Example

Once again, royalty has shown us how elegant a simple style can be. Meghan Markle was wed in Beckingham Palace on May 19, 2018 and stunned us all in her off the shoulder, crisp, white silhouette. The smooth and simple fabric is enticing brides world wide to dawn a similar style.

Her elegant example has given many brides the chance to play pretend and feel like a royal on their wedding day.

Wedding Dress by Cushnie


Who Said Anything About a Dress Code?

Don’t we all wish there was a better alternative to sweating in our fabulous gowns on our special day? Why limit ourselves to an uncomfortable, billowy mess? In the hot summer months, there is no good reason to deny yourself a short Mini wedding dress. This gives you a diverse set of new styles to choose from. Show off your tan and your curves, and avoid the sand in your train and sweat in your dress. Dare to rock the Mini.

Wedding Dress by Grace Loves Lace


Let’s See Those Bridal Midriffs!

The two-piece set is becoming extremely popular, as more and more brides find themselves saying “Yes!” to the unexpected trend. This allows you to remain traditional while adding your own personal flare. This style can be flexible for you (and still meet mom’s approval), as some are able to transition from a one-piece to a two-piece. This could be an option for a less conservative reception, and a dress that will help you make a statement! You can expect to wow your guests, by modeling this new two-piece trend .

Wedding Dress by Pronovias


Don’t Let Your Dress Get in the Way of Your Dance Moves!

The jumpsuits are here to stay, ladies. They have taken over the bridal runway and they will be taking over civil matrimony as well. This style will be everywhere is 2019: churches, outdoor tents, the court house, you name it. This is the perfect way to maintain a professional look while showing off your bridal flare. No tripping over your gown, needing an escort to the bathroom, or worrying about how you’ll move on the dance floor. This style is all fun, no mess.

Wedding Dress by Savannah Miller

Romantic Sleeves 

Go Big or Go Home

Inspired by your latest princess or Game of Thrones girl crush? Embrace it. Bridal gowns have recently been infused and intertwined with a romantic renaissance vibe. These sleeves will surely be a showstopper. From billowy, to off-the- shoulder; from lacy, to ruffles. In 2019, anything goes. Sleeves can be an accent or make their own statement. What will you choose?

Wedding Dress by Leanne Marshall

Bridal Power Suit

We Broke the Pink Ceiling, It’s Time for the White.

Big dresses aren’t your thing? Don’t want ruffles or frills? No problem. We’ve got a solution. The bridal power suit is here and numerous brides are flocking to the trend. Who says the boys are the only ones who can rock a suit? Dresses, one-pieces, and full white suits are here at your disposal. This chic, professional, modern look is one you will want to try.

Bridal Suit by Savannah Miller


Vibrant Tones

Why Stick To White?

Looking for a way to make a big entrance on your big day? Dynamic jewel tones will catch the eye of everyone in the room. This dress presents the opportunity to express your personality and emotions on your special day. More subtle tones like blush and rose will make a pop but not detract from your bridal white. If pure white isn’t for you, this dress allows you to be yourself in every way.

Wedding Dress by Leanne Marshall