How To Keep Tradition and Add Your Own Flare

Stuck between pleasing your mom, fulfilling your childhood vision, and making your wedding truly yours? Here are some tips to keep tradition alive, and let your bridal imagination soar!

The Dress

Mom may want you in her 80s sleeves and gown, but after all, it’s your wedding day. There are areas where mom can help and some where you can draw the line. Certain pieces from a gown can be used and adapted to a dress that is more your style. You can incorporate your mother’s or grandmother’s veil or wrap a piece of lace around your bouquet, with no alterations needed. Find your local tailor or gown boutique and see what you can do! It is very possible to have something borrowed, and something brand new, unique to you!

Your Bridesmaids

It can be hard to please everyone, especially your closest friends. While they may be expecting to have a say in your wedding day, you have the final call. One solution to meet them half-way, is to allow them choices on a variety of the following: Dress style, dress color, hairstyle, makeup, and jewelry. This can range from blue dresses with varieties of gold jewelry to different hues of pastels with the same glamorous studs. Ask each bridesmaid for their top three choices and you can edit to best fit the day’s vision. While you can give guidelines on these areas, this will allow your bridesmaids to have their personalities shine, but still make a traditional vision down the aisle.

The Venue

Wondering how you can turn your own backyard into an elegant venue? Adding a tent and seating for everyone to gather under will change the scene immediately. A live band will help set the mood and tell guests it’s time to party! Accent lighting will aid in keeping your reception alive after sunset, and into the night. With a few minor changes, you can keep it at home, while maintaining the dramatic effect you’ve always wanted.

Your Vows

You and your partner are preparing to spend the rest of your lives together. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to show everyone you love, how much you love your new spouse? Your preacher, best friend, or uncle- whoever your officiant may be- doesn’t know the ins and outs of your relationship like the two of you. You alone can put into words what it means to choose forever together. Why not express that to each other on your special day? Writing your own vows will make your wedding personal and genuine.

The Food

Everyone is gathered to see you and yours tie the knot. But having a great caterer doesn’t hurt… Your guests are excited about the food as well as the holy matrimony. Why not make it specific to you? Your cocktails can be your favorite: Moscow Mules or a famous Cosmopolitan. Your hors d’oeuvres are not limited to fruit and crackers. Make them stand out with bruschetta bites and fire roasted veggies. Finally, your main course should be something you enjoy. Whether it’s sushi, pad thai, or short rib, don’t settle for a sub-par chicken breast. Food is exciting! Use this to your advantage.

The First Dance

Want you and your groom to be able to skip the dance classes? But still want to make that epic entrance on the dance floor to something classic? Choose an oldie-but-goodie that everyone will know. Soon after, transition into a fun, upbeat song that means something special to you and your partner. Who says you can only have one first-dance song? Everyone will love seeing the two of you dance whole-heartedly, rather than watch you dance to a song that doesn’t show-off who you are as a couple.

The Elaborate Send-Off

Imagine what you want to walk through on your way to your honeymoon- That won’t stain your dress, or catch anything on fire. While the traditions include flower petals or rice, this is another opportunity to think outside the box, without taking away from your traditional wedding. You can use bubbles, allowing for a picture perfect, kid friendly send off. Or, Eco-confetti is biodegradable and animal friendly making for an easy clean-up. Ribbon wands offer a fun and mess-free option as well. This exciting opportunity can range from glowing balloons to rainbow sprinkles.