Summer Weddings: Keep your Guests Cool & Pampered

California Wedding Day

Summer in the South. The beauty, the fun, the flowers…oh and the humidity, and the sun, and the rain…Yep, welcome to Summer weddings in North Carolina. All of this might sound scary and unpleasant, but we have put together a few tips and ideas of how we beat the heat and keep our guests cool as cucumbers during the Summer months!

We truly love the beauty of the South during the Summer, and I know some people prefer to forgo an outdoor wedding in the Summer altogether, but for our couples who still want that outdoor wedding, these ideas are fun ways to make your guests feel extra pampered and cared about!

Before we get into the fun stuff, we want to remind you of the bare necessities for any outdoor wedding in the Spring/Summer:


  • A solid rain plan: If it’s North Carolina, you are sure to have some chance of rain, so plan for it!! A reserved tent (with side walls) or backup indoor space are all you need. You can still do all of the rain dances you want, but have something on the books just in case! *Side note: Don’t think rain on your wedding day is always a bad thing! One of the most special moments on rainy wedding days are when a rainbow (or two) decide to make an appearance. What an amazing way to remember your wedding that also makes for great pictures!


  • Water station! If you or your guests are going to be outside, there should be need some type of refreshment station to keep everyone hydrated and happy.


  • Keep People in the Loop: Please let your guests know in advance if they are going to be spending time outside! This is the perfect thing to put on your wedding website and will allow for guests to dress appropriately for the outdoors.

OK, now for the fun stuff!!

Photo: Hartman Outdoor Photography

Umbrellas: If you are not in an area with abundant shade, get some umbrellas in your wedding colors or fun patterns to keep guests from getting too hot and to get some really great pics!!

Photo: Hartman Outdoor Photography

Fans: Go one step further with the umbrellas and place a small electric or beautiful paper fan at each of your guests seats. These make you feel like a kid again and keep a nice breeze going when there you’re not getting a natural one!

Bathroom baskets: We like to have bathroom baskets with all of the essential supplies at all of our weddings, but during the Summer, there are a few more items that should be added, including: bug spray, extra strength hair spray, and extra deodorant. Your guests will feel much more comfortable knowing there are ways the tackle the sweat.

Photo: Etsy

Sunglasses: Everyone has been there when they have forgotten their sunglasses and desperately wished for an extra pair. Think ahead and have a basket of sunglasses displayed for any guest who might need them! Put a fun saying or monogram on them for a personalized touch! If there are any extras, when the party starts, people will pull them out for a little extra fun 🙂

Photo: Flora Farms

Floral Ice Cubes: Okay, so this one won’t make your guests any cooler than regular ice, but it does a lot for the mind! Transform your water station with adding fun summer drinks like a blueberry basil lemonade (with our without vodka) and topping them off with ice cubes that have edible flowers inside! These dress up the basics and add a special touch that your guests will notice.

Photo: Zenbox

Cold Lavender Towels: This one is our all time favorites and is so simple to do!! Grab some white wash cloths from your local Target (or on Amazon) and soak them in water with drops of lavender or your favorite essential oils. Chill them in a refrigerator or put them over ice and pass them out to guests as the arrive to the ceremony and again later as they are dancing the night away!

Photo: Inside Weddings

Gourmet Popsicles/Italian Ice/Ice Cream: Why not have a little dessert before dinner?!? During cocktail hour, have a cool treat for your guests to snack on and cool down with. The kids will love it and the adults will too. Now you can get some seriously amazing flavors like bourbon vanilla or lemon rosemary that will elevate the taste for the occasion.