Wedding Dress Trends from an Expert!

Have you ever seen pictures of wedding dresses from different decades? You know exactly the ones I’m talking about. The dresses that you can almost pinpoint the decade based on its puffy sleeves, hoop skirts or other details. That’s what has made the wedding dress such a great industry.

For today’s post, we are going to hand it over to an expert. Alexia Joyce started her first store almost ten years ago, Alexia’s, based in the value of excellent customer service. Over the years the store has become known for its Couture designers such as Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier and Carolina Herrera. Yet, customer service is still their focus. In the past few years, Alexia has opened a second store, Lana Addison Bridal, for a more budget conscience bride. No matter which store you are at- you can expect the best customer service in the business. Here are Alexia’s views on this year’s wedding gown trends and what she thinks will be coming up in 2014.

My favorite wedding fashions for 2013 is the increase of sleeves and build-ups.  Even though strapless is now a timeless look and always a favorite among brides; it is nice to see more cap sleeves, short sleeves, scoop necks, V-necks, and build-ups.  Strapless is a very flattering style (even though most do not think so until they actually try them on), but cap sleeves and V-necks are becoming increasingly popular as well.  It is nice to see an addition to strapless.

As for predicting 2014 trends, I believe there will be a huge comeback in blush colored gowns.  Designers have always tried to introduce color into bridal; there have been green gowns, blue accents, black sashes, pink floral patterns…just to name a few!  And of course, Vera Wang had an entire black season and red season!  But the real bride (for the most part) has really only accepted color in accessories such as champagne colored sashes, colored jewelry, and black-toned metal on crystal belts and brooches…until now.

Recently, we have had such an increase in brides wanting blush-toned gowns (colors such as blush, nude and champagne) that designers have actually asked me if I think certain dresses would do well in a blush tone!  If designers are producing past styles in blush, they should definitely be moving forward in this direction. I foresee entire gowns in subtle shades of blush, and I am excited about that!  Blush is a color that looks great on all skin tones yet is still subtle enough to remain traditional.

Would you wear a blush-toned gown? What are you excited about when shopping for a wedding dress?