Want an Outdoor wedding? A few things to think about!

As spring and summer are coming, one of the first decisions a bride and groom have to make is whether or not they want to have an indoor or outdoor wedding. You might be thinking- why would anyone want to take a chance at an outdoor wedding or why would anyone not want to have a rocking party outdoors?

Raleigh Wedding PhotographerRecently, Ginny and Heather had their wedding at the Country Club of North Carolina in Southern Pines. The plan was for the reception to be outside underneath a white tent with custom chandeliers made by the groom. Luckily the Club had an indoor space (an inclement weather plan! See below) and the entire event was moved indoors. The rest of the increment weather plan was put into place and the wedding was still able to be a true southern experience. Check out the patterned fabric that was used to create a custom bar backdrop. If you want to see more of how they turned a storm into a beautiful preppy but modern fete- the gallery is here.

So if you decide to have that outdoor wedding and still want your wedding to go off without a hitch- here are a few things to think about:

  • Does your venue have an adequate rain/increment weather plan? Make sure you ask about it and understand it before your wedding. That way you will be mentally prepared when the plan needs to go into action.
  • What is your band or DJ’s rain/inclement weather policy? You don’t want to be in situation where you have the tent…and the band won’t play.Raleigh Wedding Photographer
  • Consider the flooring/ground when choosing your wedding shoes and dress! Do you want your heels to go through the grass?
  • What is your transport plan for guests? If there is a tent but guests need to go indoors for the restroom, will you have a set of umbrellas or marquee tents?

Did you have an outdoor wedding? Tell us what else you think these future brides need to know!