Wedding Shoes!

The classic girl issue, what shoes to wear?  For your wedding day you have to pick the perfect pair, so here are some ideas:

Blue: You need to have something blue to fill out the old “something old, something new” rhyme, wearing blue shoes is the perfect way to go. Bright blue, navy, baby blue, so many choices! It will help you fill out the rhyme, and with so many different shades of blue, you can always find a pair you like and that matches your wedding colors.

Color: Pick a shoe of your favorite color (mine’s hot pink), or one that matched your wedding color theme! Bright color shoes are so much fun, and make for great pictures. You can match them to the grooms boutionnere or suspender straps 🙂

Cowboy boots: Are you a southern girl and want to show off some of those southern roots? Try wearing cowboy boots on your big day!  Such a personal twist that will make for VERY cute pictures.

Crazy: Its your wedding day… go crazy! Sparkles, bedazzles, lace, beads, feathers. Wear the craziest shoes that you have always wanted to wear but didn’t know how to rock… Today is YOUR day!