Making Your Wedding Unique – Reception Food Ideas!

Last post, our lovely Liz began to tackle the idea of making your wedding unique as she uncovered ways to reform your “guestbook.”  Now, it is time to approach something much more cumbersome: the food.  Please enjoy!

Food is a powerful thing. It can bring a group of people together. Try to think of foods that define you and your groom.  Maybe you have a certain type of food you love to eat together (like delicious tapas); or perhaps you are going somewhere foreign for your honeymoon (Italian gelato, anyone?).

The food you choose to have at your wedding is filled with endless possibilities.  Never feel like you have to choose from one of the pre-set menus from your venue, more often than not, your venue or caterer will welcome the idea of creating something new and different!

So, rather than spouting on and on about one particular food, I’m going to just describe a few creative ideas. You may love them and want to use them on your special day, but, if not, hopefully it will spark the creative genius in you to make the food at your wedding something to remember.

The “Do-It-Yourself Bar”

For those of you on Pinterest, I am sure that you have seen the many different kinds of bars people have had at their weddings. These DIY bars allow guests to assemble a particular food any way they like it, thus ensuring you are happy, and most importantly, your guests are happy.

The ideas for these bars are endless. Here are a few DIY bars that would be great at any wedding:

  • S’Mores
  • Fruit & Cake
  • Hot Chocolate, Coffee or Lemonade Bar
  • Waffles
  • Sundae (With the healthy option of Frozen Yogurt)
  • Fancy Grilled Cheese
  • Candy Bar (With you and your grooms favorite goodies!)
  • Bubbly Drink (Champagne & Fruits for the adults, substitute sparkling juice for the kiddies)















The His & Hers Buffet

As a foodie myself, I love to watch Top Chef. One season, the chefs had the challenge of catering a wedding reception where one team took care of the bride’s favorite foods and the other team tackled the groom’s favorite foods.

The Result? A “His & Hers Buffet.” One side is consists of the bride’s favorite foods, and the other side is some of your hubby’s favorite foods.   Genius!

Family-Style Dining

Rather than having everyone be served their own plate, family style is when the wait staff brings large dishes to the table and everyone shares a variety of dishes. This style of service unites the table and brings everything together as they pass and share food. Granted, it does make the meal seem a bit more casual, but it also makes the meal much more intimate. It is perfect for weddings where people might not know everyone sitting at their table.

Food Truck Mania

As a huge advocate of food trucks (and their delicious food), I think the idea of having one, or maybe even multiple, food trucks at your wedding is genius. It also works great for outdoor venues and places that don’t already have their own catering staff.

For those of you that live in North Carolina’s Triangle area, there are plenty of food trucks options to pick from. (See Carpe Durham’s awesome food blog for a complete list)

Thanks for checking us out!