March Signature Drink – Ciroc Lola

I just found this recipe on and I am loving the sound of it! As I have mentioned before, I am a big fan of St. Germain, the elderflower liqueur. Add some champagne and pomegranate juice and you’re practically talking about all of my favorite things – in one glass! Not to mention the fabulous idea of adding an orchid for a garnish.

Pretty, no?

Check out the full receipe with more pictures here.


– 1 ounce ciroc vodka
– splash pomegranate juice
– 1 teaspoon elderflower liqueur
– 1 splash champagne
– orchid for garnish


1. Stir all the ingredients over ice to chill and strain into a prechilled cocktail glass.

2. Top with splash of champagne and garnish with a Sonya orchid or, if unavailable, another food-grade edible flower.