Table Stationary 101

Hi friends!

I’d like to take  a minute to go over table stationary.  It seems simple enough, but we actually get a lot of questions regarding the difference between and purpose of the different types of table stationary – seating cards, place cards, escort cards, table numbers, and menu cards!

First, an overview.  Seating cards (also known as escort cards) direct your guest to his or her assigned table during the reception.  Each card should have the guest’s first and last name (or one card per couple) and the table number (or table name, if you’re feeling creative and want to add a personal touch).  If you just aren’t feeling Tables 1 – 12, here are a few unique ways to name your tables.

– your hometown streets

– musicians/bands

– bodies of water

– ski trails

– countries (or places you and your fiancee have traveled to)

– athletic teams or sports

– colors

– your favorite books or authors

Seating/escort cards should be arranged in alphabetical order somewhere near the reception entrance so that your guests can easily locate it. Here are a few alternatives to arranging the seating cards on a table outside the reception.

A fabric board, which is a great DIY opportunity if you’re feeling artsy!  Just wrap a foam board with a fabric that goes with your decor and pin the cards!  Another unique way to display your seating cards is by stringing them on rows of cord and hanging them.    Check out some more ideas from this fabulous gallery on Martha Stewart Weddings.   I love the idea of combining the favor with the seating card!

As for place cards – they direct your guest to a specific seat at their assigned table.  However, placing your guest at a specific seat is optional – depending on your venue, caterer, menu choices and number of guests.  If you do need place cards, be sure to position it on top of the napkin or plate so that it is clearly visible, unless it is tented or in a card holder.

Happy Hump Day!