Customizing Your Wedding Menu Cards

Everyone wants a unique and one-of-a-kind wedding, so why not put a little twist on something unexpected, your menu card!  Here are some cute menu card ideas to spark your creativity:

Puzzle Pieces: Have your guests name and table numbers on puzzle pieces. When the guest get together at their tables their pieces will fit together and create your menu! Another way to incorporate a puzzle is to have your menu card be a crossword puzzle, and definitly let guests help each other. This is a great way for guests to interact and a fun way to display your menu!







Fans: Is your reception outdoors? Double-up and print your menu on fans! This will keep your guests cool (especially during these hot southern summers!) and display your menu in a fun yet functional way!








Chalkboards: One chalkboard for smaller round tables, two for longer rectangular tables! Write down your menu on each chalkboard to be displayed for your guests to see. It gives the reception a more intimate, casual feel and is totally environmentally friendly (we can’t get enough of this!)










Recipe Books: Double your menu cards as favors – tell your guests what they are eating, and also give them the recipe! This allows your guests to take home a personal touch from your wedding, and every time they cook a delish dish they will remember your reception.