Crazy Hat Lady: The Glamorous Job of Wedding Planning

As a wedding planner, I wear many different hats.  When asked to list some of the tasks I perform for any given event, there are many conventional responses I may provide.  I am a project manager, personal assistant, confidante, designer, mediator and menu planner.  I help to manage stress and solve problems. I provide guidance regarding etiquette and protocol.  I polish and shape abstract ideas.  I budget, negotiate prices and seek the most talented vendors.

However, there are some less glamourous roles that I proudly play as well.  For example, if there is a grasshopper in the candy bar or spiders are building webs on the chairs as quickly as the rental company is constructing the tent, I become an exterminator.

(that little guy just kept coming back)

If there are guests who need extra help with transportation, I become a chauffeur.  If there is a need for heavy lifting, I become a personal moving service.  If a bridesmaid’s dress comes undone…well, I get creative with the safety pins.

The bottom line is that whether it is artistic design work or manual labor our job as your wedding planner is to make sure the job is accomplished, no matter how bizarre!