April Signature Drink of the Month: Kir Imperial

The Kir Imperial

By: Rebecca Dunn

Why not put a spin on your traditional champagne toasts? Why not make it a little more festive – not to mention pretty.


This months winner: Kir Imperial (also known as Cham Cham).  The recipe: a splash of chambord topped with your favorite champagne.  Garnish with a raspberry and you’re done!  It’s as simple as it is tasty.

This is sure to be a crowd pleaser.  It’s refreshing, festive and elegant.

Now, a little bartending one-oh-one.  The Kir Imperial is commonly mistaken for a Kir Royale.  Actually, if you ordered the latter in many bars across the country you would probably receive a Kir Imperial.  However, the Kir Royale is actually Creme de Cassis (a black currant liqueur) and champagne.  I’m partial to the American “cousin”, but a Kir Royale is another wonderful option for your signature cocktail!