Wonderful Wedding Send-Offs!

Everyone wants a grand finale.

Yes, you’ve had your big day. You’ve walked down the aisle. You’ve cut the cake. But to top it all off, you HAVE to have a big finish. But now the question is: how?

For anyone who has ever planned a wedding, you know the details are incredibly important. The send-off is one detail you simply can’t forget!

Here are a few creative send-offs that are definitely worth considering:

Confetti Toss: Rice is a thing of the past. Consider confetti as a fun alternative. You can go with bright colors or metallic to add a little sparkle to your big day.

send off 1


Wish Lanterns: (These are my personal favorite!) Guests can send up wishes for the happy couple with these elegant lighted lanterns. Perfect for a romantic night wedding.


western_michigan_vintage_outdoor_tent_wedding_lantern_release_52Balloon Release: No celebration is complete without balloons. Using balloons as a send-off is perfect for those couples who would rather not have guests throw confetti or rice at them.

send off 3


Sparklers: Some exits are just too good to not include in this list; sparklers is one of them. Classic and chic – they will light up any night time wedding — and your send off photos will be some of your favorites.

send off 4


Katie C. – Intern