Wedding Traditions 101

Everyone knows the rhyme, but not everyone knows where it came from or what it means! “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” originated from an old English rhyme about the four objects a bride should include in her wedding outfit, or carry with her on her wedding day.

Something Old- Something old represents the bond between the bride and her family/old life. Popular ideas include:

-using a family heirloom (jewelry, locket with pictures) as a charm for your bouquet

-using an older female relatives veil or headpiece

-using a piece of fabric from a childhood stuffed animal, article of clothing or handkerchief as a wrap for your bouquet










Something New- Something new represents the couples new life together and their hopes for future happiness and success. Popular ideas include:

-new shoes

-new garter

-new jewelry (a cute idea is to scale down photos of the bride and groom and use them on a charm bracelet)









Something Borrowed- The bride is supposed to borrow something from a happily marries woman, which should impart similar happiness to the new bride. Popular ideas include:

-borrowed jewelry

-borrowed veil or headpiece

-borrowed purse or shoes







Something Blue- Blue represents faithfulness, purity and loyalty. This is the most fun part of the tradition because the bride can be unique and make the “blue” part all her own. Ideas include:

-blue threaded monogram sewn into the wedding dress

-blue garter

-blue toenail polish

-blue temporary tattoo

-blue rhinestones that spell initials, wedding date or “bride” on the bottom of the shoes










If you choose to incorporate this tradition into your wedding just make sure that each item is personal, means something to you and is fun!

Thanks for reading!