Making Your Wedding Unique – The Guestbook

Over the next few months our latest and greatest intern, Liz Rodell, will be giving you wonderful out of the box ideas to take your wedding to the next level.

Part 1 = The Guestbook!

Weddings are special days that celebrate the unique relationship of a bride and groom.  (Everyone knows this, right?) Yet, as we go to wedding after wedding, it seems like the whole charade is done over and over again.

As much as we love spending the night dancing and celebrating (and of course indulging in the food and flowers), we remember the weddings that are different.  The weddings that have an out of the box surprise.

The idea of doing this at your wedding can seem overwhelming. I mean after all, how do we think of things that haven’t been done at a wedding before?

Well ladies, let’s take this one step at a time. Today, let’s conquer the issue of the Guestbook.

At some weddings, the guestbook is that cute scrapbook that was purchased at Michael’s, and unfortunately forgotten about by many guests. Then, it ends up on the newlyweds’ bookshelf, quickly collecting dust. But let’s remember that this guestbook is something that the newly married couple will have for years to come. Ultimately, it summarizes every guest that was there to celebrate the start of your new life together. That’s right, they travelled to one place specifically for the happy couple. It’s not something that should be forgotten.

So, here are few ideas on to revamp the guestbook tradition. Take these ideas, and make it yours. Make it something that you and your new hubby can look through and laugh about, or even hang on the wall and remember that awesome day you got married.

The Fingerprint Portrait

The Finger print portrait can really be done however you want, you’ve probably seen it on a tree using the prints as the leaves.  However, it can be created around something that the couple has in common (like the bicycle and balloons). Have fun with it, but when people come over to your home in the years to come, it will always be a fun conversation piece!









Picture Signing

There are so many different routes you can go with this. For instance, put your favorite picture of you and your new hubby with a large matte around the picture in a nice frame. Then, there’s this option below. Get a little creative, friends, and embrace the chalkboard picture trend.








The Wishing Tree

I’m not going to lie, I may have squealed a little bit when I saw this on The Wedding Chicks Blog. Each guest writes a wish or happy note for the couple and hangs it from this tree and ultimately, the newlyweds have something decorative in their home for years to come!  Perhaps reading a note a night for the first few months could also be a fun newlywed ritual 🙂