April Signature Drink – Ideas!

So, for over a year now, La Fete Weddings & Events  has been bringing you signature drink ideas for your wedding or special celebrations.  While looking for this month’s cocktail inspiration, I came across this article called “Wedding Signature Drinks: A Cocktail of Perfection” on Our Weddings Plus.

It hits on some great points, which I will highlight below, but be sure to check out the full article here.

  1. Go with your theme. Make sure the signature drink that you are offering meshes well with the overall theme of your big day.
  2. Go with your colors – the options are endless for matching your cocktail with your design and décor.
  3. Choose your drink based on your favorite liquors and flavors.
  4. The garnish – choose it wisely.  Choose a color that works well with the drink and also something that adds the right flavor to your cocktail.
  5. Save some money!  You can offer just one or two signature cocktails at your cocktail hour,  thereby limiting their consumption.
  6. Make sure it’s relatively simple to make.  Your caterers may not have experience in preparing and serving complicated mixed drinks.   So try to keep the ingredients and the recipe simple.
  7. Always have a non-alcoholic version to offer your guests as well.
  8. Hire a professional! You can always hire bartenders or mixologists, and there are also many catering companies who can offer this service as well.



Hope you find these ideas helpful!  Cheers!