May Signature Drink of the Month: Tarantula Margarita

In the spirit of Cinco de Mayo (although I realize it is now Diecinueve de Mayo), let’s delve into a personal favorite of mine: tequila.  But not just any tequila – I’m talking about  Tarantula Azula.  This is a citrus tequila – it’s sweeter and smoother than its drown-out-the-bad-taste-in-your-mouth-with-salt-and-lime counterparts.  Also, if you hate spiders as much as I do, just try to ignore the oh so unappealing name.

What’s my favorite way of drinking Tarantula margaritas you ask?  Up. Sugared rim. Splash of sweet and sour mix and fresh lime. Please and thank you.

Did I mention that it is blue…












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