Really Big Wedding Tents

We are gearing up for a ginormous wedding this weekend on a farm in the lovely town of Newton Grove, NC.  We are expecting close to 650 guests and the wedding party is another 20!  Set up began Monday with the tent installation by Classic Party Rentals.  I have to share this layout because it makes me laugh.  Rebecca and I artfully color coordinated the details so specifically that de-coding our map will be quite the endeavor!

All kidding aside, this is just a partial behind the scenes glimpse of what goes into the planning process.  7 different table sizes and styles all with different colored linens and table arrangements and 13 different vendors contributing their expertise.  4 of our La Fete girls will be on site for 3 days to oversee and assist with set up and to make sure all the details are in place perfectly.  I get so excited working on events like this!  We will be sure to post the pictures so you can see the before and after! 🙂