Is a Wedding Planner Right for Me? Part Three

Don’t Just Hire a Planner. Hire an Expert.

In my first two entries, I talked about saving time and money: two major advantages to hiring a wedding planner. But perhaps the most compelling reason to involve a professional planner is her expertise. Simply put, she’s been down the aisle many times ─ and she knows the way.

A good wedding planner is more than an event manager. She is a creative consultant, a master of logistics, a consumer advocate and, most importantly, a “roll-up-the-sleeves and get ‘er done” person.

When interviewing a planner, it’s easy to get caught up in glossy photos of elegant wedding cakes and striking floral arrangements. But it’s often what you don’t see that really matters. The details behind the beauty are where a good event planner shines. From managing timelines and budgets to juggling multiple vendors to, yes, running interference with your mother-in-law, the right planner has the hard skills to execute an event that is unified, in-budget and fits with your creative vision.

A professional planner’s know-how also supports your other vendors. Starting with the ceremony and ending with the last dance, even a simple wedding involves a large supporting cast: caterer, florist, bakery, photographer, DJ. Not only does a professional planner manage these relationships (including different timelines, requirements and budgets), but she will also oversee the other vendors to ensure the best possible service

Finally, a wedding expert is your insurance against unpleasant surprises. Everyone wants to believe that their wedding day will be a beautiful hiccup-free event. But, sometimes things don’t go according to plan. In hiring a professional coordinator, you are buying her years of experience to prevent mishaps, as well as her ability to quickly resolve issues that do arise.