Gettin’ Crafty!

Thanks to our favorite website EVER, Pinterest (check out ours here) brides are taking the details of their big day into their own hands, DIY style!

Making some of your own decorations and details only brings benefits, ladies. While it may be a little time consuming, the results are very rewarding. You can save money and add a special handmade touch to your wedding that you can be proud of! Remember, you will still need your wedding planner to help install these items on the day of your wedding!

Here are a few beautiful elements to incorporate in your crafting:

Ribbons & Streamers:

Ribbons always add a nice whimsical touch with tons of color! You could accomplish this look with different ribbons or even tissue-paper streamers.  Your local rental company can provide pipe and drape stands (in any length) and the streamers can be hung vertically from the pipe and drape cross bar (at the top) if you aren’t using a tent. Would be beautiful as a backdrop to your head table or ceremony space!  I can also picture mini versions of these ribbon chandeliers as centerpieces!

(Picture courtesy of Style Me Pretty)











Lanterns – Upgraded:

By looking at the picture, it seems daunting to consider make these lanterns. However, Martha Stewart offers a great tutorial on her website. You only need four materials to make them too. The bonus? You can keep the lanterns and incorporate them into your home after!

(Picture courtesy of Martha Stewart)











Spicing up your votives:

These votives are very simple, and they help set a natural, rustic tone. Simply grab glass votives (which you can get from your local dollar store), cut the sticks to the appropriate size and apply with craft adhesive. You can use other objects besides twigs that may be more conducive to your design and theme (ribbon, lace, leaves, crayons, glow sticks, etc!).  Sky’s the limit!

(Picture courtesy of Momtastic)











Now that your DIY wheels are turning, do you have a craft that will be perfect for your wedding? Share it with us!