Fashion on the 15th

As an avid blog follower and Pinterest user I have noticed a trend in the fashion that I love. Bows! Most designers, fashion magazines and blogs are filled with bow-inspired clothing and accessories this summer. Bows can add a feminine touch to any outfit. A splash of preppy. Bows are cute, fashionable and fun! I think the uniqueness that they add to any outfit makes them perfect for weddings. Here are some of my favorite ways to wear bows…

Wedding Dress:

A bow can make a wedding dress look especially feminine and distinctive. I love all of these looks from Vera Wang to Simone Carvalli. A bow can transform your dress into a fashion forward piece of art or into a romantic princess gown.

Bow ties:

I think one of the best looks on a guy is a bowtie… but that could just be me ☺. Bow ties can range from the classic black and white penguin suit to crazy and colorful. Any theme you have for your wedding can be matched with a bow tie. And you can’t forget the most adorable bowtie of all, the ring bearer!


Whether your animal is a central part of your wedding party or it is simply one of your guests, dog and cat wedding fashion is super adorable. I might have to make one of these pictures my computer background! Your animals can sport the bow trend just as well as anyone else, and they look cuter doing it.

All in all I love every single thing about the bow-craze. It’s flirty and fun, classic, edgy… its whatever you want it to be! It can make a look be one of a kind.

What is the best bow look you have seen lately?