Unique Ceremony Altars

You and your fiance are going to be the center of attention during your wedding ceremony, so you want a beautiful backdrop to be right behind you the whole time right? Here are some of our favorite ideas for a gorgeous altar!

Using a vintage credenza with flowers & vases is a great way to go rustic/chic! It is elegant, but also gives you that personal touch!
Do you and your fiance have a song, or even a poem that means something to you? What is more romantic than having romantic words spelled out behind you during your vows?
If you are having a colorful or carefree wedding this is the perfect inspiration for you! Plus, it looks like an awesome DIY project!
You don’t need a lot going on to make an impact with your backdrop! Just look at this one swagged piece of fabric!
If you want a breathtaking way to incorporate flowers in to your alter, look no further. Romantic, unique and whimsical!
Happy decorating!