North Carolina Museum of Art – Amy and Ross

As we have mentioned before – we love doing events at the North Carolina Museum of Art.   There are so many great locations for the ceremony – small private courtyards and wide open museum grounds.  Amy and Ross opted for the Wheeler Garden, which has a really modern and secluded feel.  The backdrop for the ceremony was rectangular fountain filled with water lilly’s, in addition to the beautiful altar arrangements by Watered Garden.  These awesome images are courtesy of Brian Mullins Photography.

Ceremony and reception music was courtesy of Peter Lamb & the Wolves.  They were awesome!

Peter Lamb & the Wolves

After a really great ceremony (the Maid of Honor read a poem written by the groom), we moved inside for cocktail hour.  If you haven’t checked out this space and the Iris Cafe, you really should!  I love the wide open feel inside the building with the great works of art and sculptures everywhere.

Congratulations, Ross and Amy!!


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