Creative Durham Wedding Featured on Ruffled Blog!

Prepare yourselves, because this is one heck of a wedding. Newlyweds Annie and Gus both work in Los Angeles — Gus as a writer, and Annie works for Disney. As you could probably guess, their creative and fun spirits worked their way into their wedding day, which was brilliantly captured by Brett & Jessica. Keep your eyes peeled for some words from the most well-known Muppets and the amazing film from Inkspot Crow Films coming up in just a bit!


From the bride, Annie: Both my husband and I work in the entertainment industry in LA and so we really felt this need for storytelling in our own wedding. The journey of planning our wedding wasn’t guided by a color palette or a desire to impress but rather a celebration that “Love is Awesome”- the way my husband Gus and I felt about each other and truly about the amazing community of people around us.

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From that standpoint, we hand-crafted our wedding with the utmost care and concern for our guests. It was important that they felt included, welcomed, loved, as much as we loved each other as we were taking an important step in our lives. We rethought every wedding decision because we didn’t want to do each tradition for the sake of doing them or because it’s what you do at weddings. Our wedding invitation was actually a handmade booklet that told the quirky story of how we met. We asked for creative replies our RSVP’s and surprised all of our guests by having all of their messages secretly printed on the fabric pinned beneath our chuppah. We even scoured Facebook for everyone’s photographs to create individual Polaroid magnets that doubled as escort cards.

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Our wedding was without a doubt very us (we had Muppet wedding cakes, we entered the reception to Indiana Jones’ music complete with matching fedoras, etc.) but it was more-so a celebration of what makes us “us”- all of the amazing love and support that brought us to the moment of our marriage and that we know will keep us strong and happy in our lifetime together.


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Wedding Location: Durham, NC / Wedding Photographer and Photobooth: Brett & Jessica / Wedding Venue: The Cotton Room / First Look Location: The Washington Duke Inn / Wedding Coordinator: Katie Dunn of La Fête / Wedding Flowers: Tre Bella / Hair and Makeup: Posh the Salon / Wedding Cake: Cinda’s Creative Cakes / Out of Town Box Treats: Carolina Popcorn Shoppe / Ceremony Musician: Laura Anzaldi and Chris Mike / DJ: DJ Frank Meldau of Joe Bunn Co. / Invitations, Paper Goods, Escort Magnets, and Calligraphy: the bride, Anniemade / Cinematographer: Inkspot Crow Films / Officiants: Father Michael Martin and Rabbi Andrew Ettin