Allison + Andrew | The Carolina Inn

Allison & Andrew had such a HAPPY wedding day! From the flowers to their smiles, every detail was bright, welcoming, and celebratory. They chose shades of pink to compliment the navy blue in their linens and stationery. It was a perfect combination! They had a sweet ceremony in the Bryan Courtyard and moved into the Old Well Ballroom for the PARTY.

From the moment the band began playing the dance floor was as full as can be. To top it off, as people needed a sugar refill for some extra dancing energy, guests were treated to Allison’s favorite frozen custard from her home of St. Louis, Ted Drewes. It was so tasty and the perfect personal touch!

After the party ended, Allison and Andrew left through sparklers on the front porch and headed off to their honeymoon in St. Lucia the next morning. Their wedding was truly an expression of the happiness and adventure that will ensue their marriage.

Hope you enjoy!